Accomplished Practice 1 - Assessment

PREPROFESSIONAL: The preprofessional teacher collects and uses data gathered from a variety of sources. These sources include both traditional and alternate assessment strategies. Furthermore, the teacher can identify and match the students’ instructional plans with their cognitive, social, linguistic, cultural, emotional, and physical needs.

  • Draws from a repertoire of techniques to accommodate differences in students' behavior.
  • Identifies potentially disruptive student behavior.
  • Provides opportunities for students to assess their own work and progress. Assists students in designing individual plans for reaching the next performance level.
  • Maintains observational and anecdotal records to monitor students' development.
  • Reviews assessment data and identifies students' strengths and weaknesses

Artifact 1

Link to Art Rubric

Stephanie Musser
Technology EPI 0003
Instructor: Mr. Riberdy
Assignment: Assessment Rubric

Using a rubric for art enables an art teacher to assess his/her students’ work.  Always share the art rubric with students, so they will know what are the marks of good work in art and can themselves consciously strive for those qualities.

Artifact 2

Link to Methods of Reading Assessments

Stephanie Musser
Foundation of Research Based Reading Strategies EPI 0010
Instructor: Ms. Barbara Wright
Assignment: Research Methods of Assessment