Accomplished Practice 10 - Planning

PREPROFESSIONAL: Recognizes the importance of setting high expectations for all students, the preprofessional teacher works with other professionals to design learning experiences that meet students' needs and interests. The teacher candidate continually seeks advice/information from appropriate resources (including feedback), interprets the information, and modifies her/his plans appropriately. Planned instruction incorporates a creative environment and utilizes varied and motivational strategies and multiple resources for providing comprehensible instruction for all students. Upon reflection,the teacher continuously refines outcome assessment and learning experiences.

Artifact 1

Link to Written Assignment 2 EPI0003

Stephanie Musser
Technology EPI0003
Instructor: Mr. Riberdy
Assignment: 2

Artifact 2

Link to Power Point Presentation - Japnese Holiday Children's Day EPI0030

Stephanie Musser
Diversity EPI 0030
Instructor: Ms. Barbara Wright
Assignment: Incorporate multiple cultures in a lesson plan

Online references: (Children's Day Flag - image prepared by Jorge Candeias, 3 August 2005, original artist unknown)