Accomplished Practice 11 - Role of Teacher

PREPROFESSIONAL: The preprofessional teacher communicates and works cooperatively with families and colleagues to improve the educational experiences at the school.

Artifact 1

Link to EPI0020 Field Experience

Stephanie Musser
EPI 0020 15 Hour Teaching Profession Field Experience
Instructor: Ms. Barbara Wright

Artifact 2

Link to school homepage

Stephanie Musser
Technology EPI 0003
Instructor: Mr. Riberdy
Assignment: Create a class homepage

Providing an art class homepage keeps students and parents informed on what art projects we will be doing for the week and, what supplies students will need to bring to class. Students can vote on "picture of the week" and I will upload it to the site. When students see their artwork online, it boost self confidence and establishes incentives for them to do their best.