Accomplished Practice 3 - Continuous Improvement


PREPROFESSIONAL: The preprofessional teacher realizes that she/he is in the initial stages of a lifelong learning process and that self reflection is one of the key components of that process. While her/his concentration is, of necessity, inward and personal, the role of colleagues and school- based improvement activities increases as time passes. The teacher's continued professional improvement is characterized by self-reflection, working with immediate colleagues and teammates, and meeting the goals of a personalprofessional development plan.

  • Uses data from her/his own learning environments as a basis for reflecting upon and experimenting with personal teaching practices.
  • Works as a reflective practitioner and develops the skills to recognize problems, research solutions, and evaluate outcomes.
  • Shows evidence of reflection and improvement in her/his performance in teaching/learning activities.
  • Develops short and long term personal and professional goals relating to continuous professional development.

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