Art Teacher Philosophy

Art is a valuable tool which teaches children a variety of lessons such as an appreciation for diversity. For a more well-rounded child, it is important to incorporate Art into other subject areas. By integrating subject areas, art can make learning fun and interesting while providing an example of how their learning can be applied to other areas of their life. Collaborating with other teachers is essential because individual expertise is required.

As an art teacher with a background in Graphic and Web Design, I can find effective ways of incorporating new technologies into the art curriculum. From printed and digital media to film and audio, learning about new technologies is important and essential as these new tools are present in many areas of students' lives. Technology can enhance learning and offer new educational possibilities when used in collaboration with other classroom subjects.

Art is the creative outlet that balances the more standardized studies of a student's school day. No matter what level a child is in learning or cultural background, art is designed to reach out to all students.